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Creating high quality YouTube videos can take a lot of time and, as many people already know, simply having a great video isn't enough to create the community you're looking for. So, how do you organize your channel and create videos that will encourage people to click that "Subscribe" button? Chalene answers that quesiton and another listener question about creating systems to help scale any business.

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Please visit and ask Chalene your questions about anything related to business, list building, social media, organization, email lists, CRM's, lead magnets, lead pages, academies, selling, writing or promoting your own ebook, fear of failure, what it takes to build a successful business and keep your relationships alive!

Build Your Tribe is BACK and better than ever!  

This show will still bring you the best information on building your email lists and increasing your social media reach, but now Chalene Johnson will use questions from listeners like you to help provide ideas that you can implement today. Like, right now.

BYT will be publishing up to 5 days a week so make sure you're subscribed to get your jolt of information every day!

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See you tomorrow!

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