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Which are you? An introvert or an extrovert? Why is it important that you know? In this episode, Chalene Johnson exposes the myths and tells you the truth about these personality types. It's more than just acting shy or outgoing - it's about how you refuel. In addition to understanding yourself better, having a firm grasp on these concepts allows you to better understand the people around you. Win-win!
Chalene also talks about ways that you can overcoming shyness - it's just like exercising a muscle. Through deliberate practice and the right outlook, you can shed that social shyness and be the open, warm person that people feel comfortable around.
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If you haven't already listened to the previous episode ("The End?"), then please listen to that first. This episode will make a lot more sense after you've heard that one.

This first-of-its-kind reality TV/Serial-style podcast provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the personal interactions and intimiate struggles of Chalene Johnson as she works to reverse-engineer the decision to continue podcasting. Follow along as she shares her thoughts, struggles, and hangups with a difficult and emotional decision.

In this episode, you will learn how to use intuition, facts, advice, and past experiences to make a decision that is consistent with your key priority.

Just like the last episode, this one is produced in the style of Serlal, StartUp, and This American Life. It is a collection of narratives, recorded phone calls, conversations, and contemplations from the last week. Thanks to everybody who provided feedback, especially podcasters Jordan Harbinger (The Art of Charm) and Amy Porterfield (The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast). 

This episode was co-produced by Nick Jaworski from
The music was composed by Kevin Macleod from

Thanks to everyone who left messages, tweeted, or wrote a comment on Facebook. Keep them coming!

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Perhaps the first of it's kind reality TV in the form of a podcast, without the train wreck and told in the genre of This American Life, Serial, and StartUp. This is my week, our week really. 

So, I decided to try my hand at podcasting to see what it takes, learn it, master it, fail a little, succeed a lot, figure out a system and then teach that system to people who really want to podcast. 

The only problem is that along the way it became clear that, while it's a great way for a lot of people to create an income, get their message out there and connect with listeners, it might not be the most effective use of my time. It's difficult to monetize, nearly impossible to track the demographics of new customers and it's really really time consuming. 

The plot thickens.I fell in love. Yup... with podcasting. And just as I had made up my mind that it was time to call it a "season" and let the field rest, I listened to my first episode of Serial, then StartUp and I'm addict with no good reason to quit.  

But to stay at it seems to go against my own logic, and my family, and my advisors and frankly it goes against my own principals. 

So, this episode is a collection of narratives, recorded phone calls, conversations and contemplations over the course of the last week as I battled some really smart people and my own common sense and reverse engineer the decision to stay or to go. 

This episode was co-produced by Nick Jaworski from and music created by Kevin Macleod from

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In this episode you meet Tiffany Lee Bymaster a make-up artist/stylist who by sharing her passion for a few programs via text and Facebook inbox was able to become one of the top affiliate marketers by accident. Tiffany shares with Chalene her organic approach to passionately sharing things with people who are not on an email list, but rather on a close circle of friends list... In other words, Tiffany develops real relationships with business owners and on-line entrepreneurs and through the process of coaching and creating a support community, she establishes a strong bond and relationship with a small group of upwardly mobile entrepreneurs.

These "real life" friends and on-line associates who come to trust and believe in her advice use her affiliate link to join on-line academies and business enhancing seminars and in exchange, Tiffany keeps them accountable to not only complete the course, but put their new found techniques into practice and recoup their ROI. It's a WIN WIN!

This new form of marketing with emphasis on helping people and transparently making an investment of your time to coach others is gaining popularity and acceptance as an alternative to those who get a "slimy" feeling from traditional internet or affiliate marketing. In this episode Tiffany shares how the practice has helped to establish the most amazing relationship with up and coming business professionals and step into her own as a business coach and mentor.



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Tweet your questions to @chaleneJohnson using the hashtag #buildyourtribe to be featured on her next Question and answer podcast episode

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How to create more likes, build your community on Facebook while simultaneously building your email list and making the most of your time as a solo entrepreneur by understanding the power of targeting, dark posts and Facebook advertising that works with expert Amy Porterfield.

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In this episode Chalene interviews Diane Hochman a former top leader in Network Marketing who turned her passion and purpose for helping small businesses owners into a lucrative and rewarding consulting business by teaching the technologically challenged how to rely less on the gadgets, tricks and the latest and more on just being you.

Diane is a prolific copy writer who shares with listeners how to attract better prospects by really being real, leading with your heart and understanding that if you really love your people, you're NOT selling... but rather... you're "consulting" or putting in front of people what they've already made pretty clear they need and want.

Tons of take aways for anyone who is working to attract lifers... and build your tribe with quality people that make you happy to help!

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Learn how to better develop the direction and unique position of your personal brand. Learn what it means to have a tribe and attack lifers. In this episode Chalene shares how her own brand is even still currently in transition and how to evaluate if yours has missed the mark. For those who have no idea what their personal brand is or might ever be, this is your episode!

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This cross over episode is all but required before moving on to the next episode on building your personal brand and founding your own movement or tribe. Courageous confidence allows you to identify what misguided beliefs might be holding you back and how to move forward despite the fear of the unknown.

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Category:general -- posted at: 12:50am PDT Learn more about the latest updates to Instagram and big changes predicted to be happening in coming months that will dramatically impact the importance of establishing your presence on Instagram. Instagram is about to come into her own and Chalene shares how she spent 18 months studying every aspect of Instagram, right down to their job posting boards to get a better sense of how those of us who are working hard to spread our message can do so more effectively! You'll love this episode!

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How to use short Facebook Videos for Massive Engagement and improve your organic reach! In this episode Chalene shares the latest announcements and statistics from Facebook which clearly point to the importance of video for those looking to boost organic reach and get their stuff seen in the news feed. Facebook marketing, ads and all the targeting you develop doesn't come close to the power of authentically connecting with your tribe! Hear the latest trends in Facebook video and how to use the fastest growing area of Facebook marketing to blast organic reach with short, easy to post videos. 

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Category:general -- posted at: 11:30pm PDT Too scared to try? Paralyzed by perfectionism? Do you find yourself holding back for fear of judgement, failure or thoughts that others might think it “wasn’t good enough” or that you have no business doing that? Do you often worry what others might think or hold yourself to such a high standard that many are doing the things you know you should or could be doing? 

In this episode you’ll learn where these thoughts come from and how to break free of their grip and live the life that you deserve. Chalene shares her many failures and every major misstep that preceded success in any area.

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Learn from the woman who has the World Record for logging the most video hours in her industry. Chalene's unique approach will immediately make you feel more comfortable on camera. Chalene will share with you the same tips and coaching techniques she's used to coach hundreds of top professionals to be more likable on camera. This episode will have you excited about making your next video with her simple tips to connect, deliver value and better represent your brand on camera. Learn how video is the quickest way to build your social media presence and serve your tribe.

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In this Cross over episode, celebrity fitness trainer, mother of two and New York Times Best Selling Author, Chalene Johnson shares the very personal details of her story, her mistakes and success and how her past helped to shape her passion, purpose and life with her husband and business partner Bret Johnson. To join Chalene's free 30 Day coaching program go to

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In this 2nd part of a two part episode, Pro Athlete turned social media marketer shares with Chalene Johnson the exact steps to conduct your own 7 figure Webinar. Lewis covers the promotion, social media marketing, the best platforms, the best software, costs, do’s and dont’s, what works and what feels slimy. Lewis share his formula for creating the perfect opportunity transition without having to sell and how to use webinars to grow your list. Lewis shares his best practices and how to get started growing your list with webinars even if you have no community, no list, and no real presence by learning to partner with others who do. This episode starts off with Lewis helping multilevel marketing, mlm, direct sales, and passive income marketers how to use Webinars to create a deeper connection and save you time, money and headaches.

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The magic of a live on-line event. In this first of a two part episode, Pro Athlete turned social media marketer shares with Chalene Johnson how he transitioned from feeling as though he had lost his identity and ability to earn after a devastating career ending injury. Lewis shares how his past has helped him to connect, learn, grow his community, serve others and fulfill his own desire to live his life like a HEAD COACH of his own team. Founder of the School of Greatness Lewis Howes shares how to use Webinars to more effectively connect with your tribe, attract new customers, build trust and make a living doing what you love.

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Chalene Johnson interviews hugely successful multimillion dollar entrepreneur Michael Stelzner, Founder of the Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing on how he was able to create a tribe around a "movement". In an age where we are taught "you" are the brand and that we are supposed to share everything about ourselves so people can connect, Michael shares how he has very intentionally put the movement before himself and created something very special. Surprising, enlisting and tons of turns in this episode you won't expect!

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Learn how I take one video or photo and piece it out over 5 different platforms to generate content for weeks, minimize time spent online, maximize exposure and resisting the temptation to spend all day looking at my phone. How to create a smart social media framework using a system I call "salvaging" to populate and market to facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube, blogs and twitter. How to teach your kids to use social media to build a future business. I hope you enjoy this cross over episode for Build your Tribe and the Chalene Show

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Pinterest like never before with social media giant Natalie Jill. Learn how to use pinterest to go viral on youtube, Facebook and Instagram with far less effort than any other social site.

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002 - How To Use Your Past Experience and Previous Profession to Serve you In Your Current Business with Facebook and Social Media Relationships Expert Mari Smith and Chalene Johnson Episode 04

This show will inspire you to understand how all your experience and past work history, regardless of how seemingly unrelated, actually helps you attract the kind of people who are most likely to be a part of your community. If you’ve ever wondered how to transition from one career or profession or to use your past experience to build your current brand and grow your influence, this interview with social media expert and relationship author Mari Smith will inspire, motivate and move you to take action. Mari Smith gives tons of practical tips and resources to help you better understand your community, grow your email list and build a tribe that follows you at every turn of your career and development.

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004 - HOW TO GO VIRAL ON MULTIPLE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS AT ONCE with Brendon Burchard - Part 2 Episode 03

Part 2 of a riviting interview with Brendon Burchard. In this episode, Brendon shares how he transitioned from live trainings and joint ventures to build his loyal following to include an email list that boasts over 2 million, a facbook page with over 1.5 millions by using social media.  How to build a strong following and loyal tribe by using simple facebook strategies that work for an entrepreneur on a shoe-string budget. Chalene Johnson interviews expert to the experts and the founder of the High Performance Academy Brendon Burchard about his value adding and community building theories that shaped his loyal following and which serve his community in a way that he no longer has to sell. People ask for more and where they can sign up long before they see a sales page.  Brendon shares the rules that he uses to guide his decisions and help him better connect with his LIFERS with emails, content, copy, social media nad more. Brendon talks about the importance of consistency and how you can REPEAT content and the system he follows to do so. This is a two part interview. In part one, Brendon shared with listeners how he was able to grow a tribe outside of social media first, but how by having an open mind and learning from fellow experts and his own trial and error more about how to leverage his content his business has skyrocketed without taking more time from his schedule. Brendon gets into the specifics of his social media strategy that he calls Circular Viralacity which allows leaders to serve more people and connect with others without having to spend so much time creating and distributing content.

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003 - BUILD A FOLLOWING WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA with NYT Best-selling author Brendon Burchard - part 1 Episode 02

How to build a strong following and loyal tribe without the benefits of social media. Brendon Burchard chronicles how he built a huge following and loyal community by learning to share his own tragic story to inspire others from the stage and the foundational principles of creating community he employed before ever stepping foot into social media. Chalene Johnson interviews expert to the experts and the founder of the High Performance Academy Brendon Burchard about his value adding and community building theories that shaped his loyal following and the tribe he built long before he started using social media. Brendon shares the rules that he uses to guide his decisions and help him better connect with his LIFERS. Brendon talks about the importance of using and building and serving people with his email list and how important it was to remain consistent. This is a two part interview. In part two, Brendon takes us along that journey from traveling and building his tribe by speaking and sharing his story to leveraging the power of social media. In part two Brendon gets into the specifics of his social media strategy that he calls Circular Viralacity which allows leaders to serve more people and connect with others without having to spend so much time creating and distributing content.

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001 - How to Get Your Stuff Seen In the Newsfeed with advanced techniques guaranteed to boost engagement with host Chalene Johnson Episode 01

How frustrating to create great content only to have 6% of your audience ever see the post. In this podcast episode I share with you how I was able to spend months gathering, collecting, testing and re-testing the advice and technique of over 15 different facebook experts to boost my own engagement over 1,00%. I share the techniques and latest practices that I’ve share with thousands of my Marketing Impact students and which are giving them outrageously exciting insights, reach and engagement, all which lead to serving and connecting with our lifers, our tribe, our community. This episode is a must share. In this episode you will gain practical steps and tips to put into practice today and dramatically increase the number of people you reach everyday in the newsfeed.

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