Build Your Tribe | Grow Your Business with Social Media Learn more about the latest updates to Instagram and big changes predicted to be happening in coming months that will dramatically impact the importance of establishing your presence on Instagram. Instagram is about to come into her own and Chalene shares how she spent 18 months studying every aspect of Instagram, right down to their job posting boards to get a better sense of how those of us who are working hard to spread our message can do so more effectively! You'll love this episode!

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How to use short Facebook Videos for Massive Engagement and improve your organic reach! In this episode Chalene shares the latest announcements and statistics from Facebook which clearly point to the importance of video for those looking to boost organic reach and get their stuff seen in the news feed. Facebook marketing, ads and all the targeting you develop doesn't come close to the power of authentically connecting with your tribe! Hear the latest trends in Facebook video and how to use the fastest growing area of Facebook marketing to blast organic reach with short, easy to post videos. 

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Category:general -- posted at: 11:30pm PDT Too scared to try? Paralyzed by perfectionism? Do you find yourself holding back for fear of judgement, failure or thoughts that others might think it “wasn’t good enough” or that you have no business doing that? Do you often worry what others might think or hold yourself to such a high standard that many are doing the things you know you should or could be doing? 

In this episode you’ll learn where these thoughts come from and how to break free of their grip and live the life that you deserve. Chalene shares her many failures and every major misstep that preceded success in any area.

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Learn from the woman who has the World Record for logging the most video hours in her industry. Chalene's unique approach will immediately make you feel more comfortable on camera. Chalene will share with you the same tips and coaching techniques she's used to coach hundreds of top professionals to be more likable on camera. This episode will have you excited about making your next video with her simple tips to connect, deliver value and better represent your brand on camera. Learn how video is the quickest way to build your social media presence and serve your tribe.

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In this Cross over episode, celebrity fitness trainer, mother of two and New York Times Best Selling Author, Chalene Johnson shares the very personal details of her story, her mistakes and success and how her past helped to shape her passion, purpose and life with her husband and business partner Bret Johnson. To join Chalene's free 30 Day coaching program go to

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In this 2nd part of a two part episode, Pro Athlete turned social media marketer shares with Chalene Johnson the exact steps to conduct your own 7 figure Webinar. Lewis covers the promotion, social media marketing, the best platforms, the best software, costs, do’s and dont’s, what works and what feels slimy. Lewis share his formula for creating the perfect opportunity transition without having to sell and how to use webinars to grow your list. Lewis shares his best practices and how to get started growing your list with webinars even if you have no community, no list, and no real presence by learning to partner with others who do. This episode starts off with Lewis helping multilevel marketing, mlm, direct sales, and passive income marketers how to use Webinars to create a deeper connection and save you time, money and headaches.

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The magic of a live on-line event. In this first of a two part episode, Pro Athlete turned social media marketer shares with Chalene Johnson how he transitioned from feeling as though he had lost his identity and ability to earn after a devastating career ending injury. Lewis shares how his past has helped him to connect, learn, grow his community, serve others and fulfill his own desire to live his life like a HEAD COACH of his own team. Founder of the School of Greatness Lewis Howes shares how to use Webinars to more effectively connect with your tribe, attract new customers, build trust and make a living doing what you love.

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