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How to create more likes, build your community on Facebook while simultaneously building your email list and making the most of your time as a solo entrepreneur by understanding the power of targeting, dark posts and Facebook advertising that works with expert Amy Porterfield.

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In this episode Chalene interviews Diane Hochman a former top leader in Network Marketing who turned her passion and purpose for helping small businesses owners into a lucrative and rewarding consulting business by teaching the technologically challenged how to rely less on the gadgets, tricks and the latest and more on just being you.

Diane is a prolific copy writer who shares with listeners how to attract better prospects by really being real, leading with your heart and understanding that if you really love your people, you're NOT selling... but rather... you're "consulting" or putting in front of people what they've already made pretty clear they need and want.

Tons of take aways for anyone who is working to attract lifers... and build your tribe with quality people that make you happy to help!

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Learn how to better develop the direction and unique position of your personal brand. Learn what it means to have a tribe and attack lifers. In this episode Chalene shares how her own brand is even still currently in transition and how to evaluate if yours has missed the mark. For those who have no idea what their personal brand is or might ever be, this is your episode!

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This cross over episode is all but required before moving on to the next episode on building your personal brand and founding your own movement or tribe. Courageous confidence allows you to identify what misguided beliefs might be holding you back and how to move forward despite the fear of the unknown.

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