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Which are you? An introvert or an extrovert? Why is it important that you know? In this episode, Chalene Johnson exposes the myths and tells you the truth about these personality types. It's more than just acting shy or outgoing - it's about how you refuel. In addition to understanding yourself better, having a firm grasp on these concepts allows you to better understand the people around you. Win-win!
Chalene also talks about ways that you can overcoming shyness - it's just like exercising a muscle. Through deliberate practice and the right outlook, you can shed that social shyness and be the open, warm person that people feel comfortable around.
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If you haven't already listened to the previous episode ("The End?"), then please listen to that first. This episode will make a lot more sense after you've heard that one.

This first-of-its-kind reality TV/Serial-style podcast provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the personal interactions and intimiate struggles of Chalene Johnson as she works to reverse-engineer the decision to continue podcasting. Follow along as she shares her thoughts, struggles, and hangups with a difficult and emotional decision.

In this episode, you will learn how to use intuition, facts, advice, and past experiences to make a decision that is consistent with your key priority.

Just like the last episode, this one is produced in the style of Serlal, StartUp, and This American Life. It is a collection of narratives, recorded phone calls, conversations, and contemplations from the last week. Thanks to everybody who provided feedback, especially podcasters Jordan Harbinger (The Art of Charm) and Amy Porterfield (The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast). 

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Perhaps the first of it's kind reality TV in the form of a podcast, without the train wreck and told in the genre of This American Life, Serial, and StartUp. This is my week, our week really. 

So, I decided to try my hand at podcasting to see what it takes, learn it, master it, fail a little, succeed a lot, figure out a system and then teach that system to people who really want to podcast. 

The only problem is that along the way it became clear that, while it's a great way for a lot of people to create an income, get their message out there and connect with listeners, it might not be the most effective use of my time. It's difficult to monetize, nearly impossible to track the demographics of new customers and it's really really time consuming. 

The plot thickens.I fell in love. Yup... with podcasting. And just as I had made up my mind that it was time to call it a "season" and let the field rest, I listened to my first episode of Serial, then StartUp and I'm addict with no good reason to quit.  

But to stay at it seems to go against my own logic, and my family, and my advisors and frankly it goes against my own principals. 

So, this episode is a collection of narratives, recorded phone calls, conversations and contemplations over the course of the last week as I battled some really smart people and my own common sense and reverse engineer the decision to stay or to go. 

This episode was co-produced by Nick Jaworski from and music created by Kevin Macleod from

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In this episode you meet Tiffany Lee Bymaster a make-up artist/stylist who by sharing her passion for a few programs via text and Facebook inbox was able to become one of the top affiliate marketers by accident. Tiffany shares with Chalene her organic approach to passionately sharing things with people who are not on an email list, but rather on a close circle of friends list... In other words, Tiffany develops real relationships with business owners and on-line entrepreneurs and through the process of coaching and creating a support community, she establishes a strong bond and relationship with a small group of upwardly mobile entrepreneurs.

These "real life" friends and on-line associates who come to trust and believe in her advice use her affiliate link to join on-line academies and business enhancing seminars and in exchange, Tiffany keeps them accountable to not only complete the course, but put their new found techniques into practice and recoup their ROI. It's a WIN WIN!

This new form of marketing with emphasis on helping people and transparently making an investment of your time to coach others is gaining popularity and acceptance as an alternative to those who get a "slimy" feeling from traditional internet or affiliate marketing. In this episode Tiffany shares how the practice has helped to establish the most amazing relationship with up and coming business professionals and step into her own as a business coach and mentor.



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