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Should You Start Over on Instagram? Is Your Account Dead?" If you've been facing challenges with your Instagram growth, dealing with issues like shadowbans or feeling like your account isn't gaining traction, this episode is a must-listen.

 In this episode of the Build Your Tribe Podcast, Brock Johnson, provides valuable insights into the decision of whether to hit the reset button on your Instagram journey. He explores many of the reasons why you might be struggling to grow, and discuss strategies to revive an account that seems stagnant. Is it worth starting over, or are there alternative approaches to reigniting your Instagram presence?

If you're feeling frustrated by a lack of progress on Instagram and contemplating a fresh start, this episode is your guide to making an informed decision. We share practical tips on how to evaluate the health of your account, methods to diagnose growth impediments, and steps to take before making a big decision. Join us as we help you navigate the landscape of Instagram growth, offering insights that empower you to make the best choice for your content journey.

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