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Box subscriptions. Are you one of the 16 million households that receives a monthly gift box? It’s a relatively new and very competitive industry, and it’s difficult to make it, unless you’ve got a way to stand out. Today, Chalene talks with the creator of her family’s favorite subscription box service - Michael Salguero, CEO & founder of ButcherBox; the first service dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals, delivery of “clean” meat & exceptional customer service. Learn how to start a subscription box service, the inner workings of venture capital businesses versus bootstrapping or start-up businesses, insider info on two-sided marketplaces, and how a kickstarter could change your business.

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Be sure to go listen to episode # 290 on The Chalene Show with Michael Saguero and Chalene. In that episode they talk in depth about the meat and labeling industry.


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