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To this day Chalene regrets that she didn’t understand the importance of building a robust community of people who subscribe and opt in to her email list. Social media can and will go away all the time. You cant just rely on building your tribe or build your business.


Email marketing is without question the first thing you need to have in place before building a social media presence.

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In this episode I share the top email marketing trends for 2018.


1. Personalization - When this is possible, going beyond just using your customers name. Having proper segmentation of your list is the easiest way to make this happen.


2. Conversational or friendly tone – Like the first tip your email must be personalized and sound like you are talking to a friend. The subject line must make the person want to open it. We do business with people not brands.


3. Mobile friendly design – Most people use their phones to do everything!! People wont read emails that that can’t read from their mobile device, they will simply just delete it.


4. Interactive Emails – We aren’t doing this right now but you bet after my research will are going to start doing this!! This is a way to engage people in your email. Make your emails easy to read and fun!!


5. Plain Text Emails – This is a trend right now. But we have found it has not worked for us, but that does not mean you shouldn’t test it. It tends to be easier to read across all devices.


6. Respect the Problem - This is My Top Secret Email Marketing Tip that you’ll only fully understand if you listen to the end of this episode! I promise it’s worth the listen! We increased our sales rate from a triggered email by 1000%


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