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What happens when you experience growth in your Instagram account and then, suddenly, that momentum seems to slow to a crawl? Does your gender have anything to do with your account’s popularity? Well, Chalene talks through Instagram for Dudes - it’s a different world out there. By looking to YouTube for inspiration, she outlines some simple steps that can help men reach both men and women out in Instagram. Looking for examples of men who have successfully utilized Instagram in the fitness space? Chalene’s got some examples for you. The most important thing is to know the audience you want to reach, then create content to fit their needs.

Lastly, Chalene discusses one of the most important elements of her success: people. It’s not only important that you hire good people, but then you have to treat them well - listen to them, respect them. Chalene talks about finding the right members for your team and then trusting them to lift up your business - and you.

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The first listener question is “Without a huge Facebook following, how do you get your “freemium” (lead magnet, opt-in) in front of more people?”

Chalene discusses the importance of growing your list a few people at a time through steady and persistent work. She also explains how you can convert your email list into useful Facebook Ad demographics that will target the right people. Chalene also shares some thoughts on the types of engagement you should encourage through your Facebook ads. 

The second listener question focuses on developing cross-promotional opportunities without a large email list. Chalene discusses how to use Instagram to find and develop the relationships needed to get the ball rolling. She also talks about contacting related companies, making affiliate praetorships, and partnering with other brands or individuals with products and/or services that both of your audience will benefit from.

Basically, there’s a TON of great stuff in here about growing your list and getting your ideas out into the world.

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Chalene is joined by Jimmy Hays Nelson to answer rapid-fire listener questions. In this episode, Chalene and Jimmy talk about getting over the fear of failure - an essential trait for any successful entrepreneur. They also discuss when you should leave your current job for your new business (hint: it’s different for every person) - it’s all about understanding your own needs and your own goals. Regardless of when you leave, it’s important to have the passion that will carry you through to success.

Chalene also discuss the role of spirituality in the development of your business. It’s not necessarily about sharing a religious background with your partners, it’s about sharing a set of core principles that can help the business grow and provide you with a relationship that brings you fulfillment.

Jimmy and Chalene also answer a fun hypothetical: Where would you start if all of your business magically disappeared overnight? They also tackle the question of individuality in how you design and implement your business and how your grow and use your email list. Also, do you have to be a “salesperson” to be successful with an MLM (multi-level marketing)?


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How do you management your affiliate marketing program? Where do you start?

In this episode, you’ll learn how to start affiliate marketing; how bloggers, YouTube reviewers, and others are making a living by reviewing and recommending their favorite products and services. Chalene talks about a variety of affiliate software programs that will help you track links, approve new affiliates, make payments, and so many other cool things. She also explains the importance of selecting the right people to work with. 

Chalene also unpacks the process of turning your brick-and-mortar business into an online business by simply serving the needs of your existing clients. You’ll learn the value of making videos and creating an online academy as well as how to prioritize your schedule in order to help you achieve your desired results.

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Nerd Fitness is a website and community built by nerd-turned-entrepreneuer, Steve Kamb. In today's episode, Steve talks with Chalene about how he got the idea for Nerd Fitness and he also recounts some of the mistakes he made along the way. Despite those setbacks, Steve's story highlights the power that your passion can have in communicating to a specific audience. Remember, somebody is out there who would love to know what you have to say! Take a listen to this episode to hear how one person built their dream life.

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So how does one go from having a dog grooming business to being a business coach and can you use your existing customer or email list to grow your new business? How would a rock and roll singer be able to incorporate her former image and experience into her work as a health and fitness coach and later a business coach and mentor?

If you started off as a dentist, but now you want to write a children’s book, how do you re-invent yourself? In this episode you’ll actually learn that the best idea is not to reinvent or stray from your past or previous customers, experience or identity, but rather to embrace them.

The crazy, odd, unrelated and perhaps bizarrely unrelated nature of your past experience and what you want to do or what you are doing today, is, in fact, what makes you so uniquely you! That is what will draw a very specific type of individual to you!!!

In this episode, we talk CRM, customer lists, email lists, how to create an opt-in from one business to your next, example of how to write emails, email funnels, the customer journey, serving your lifer, building your tribe and being authentically you!

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It can be difficult to feel like YOU are qualified to be an expert - to be that person that someone else pays money to in exchange for knowledge. But, the fact of the matter is, that you do have special skills and ideas that are worth sharing. Chalene tackles this important question and provides you with some good tips to help get you started. Later, Chalene talks about when you should offer a new freemium or replace your old one.

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Have you considered writing and ebook for your audience, but you're not quite sure how to get it off the ground? Chalene provides you with a few simple tips that can help get you moving in the right direction. In this episode we talk about how to build a list by usng a free ebook as a lead magnet, freemium or opt-in, how many people are making a full time income by selling their own self-published ebook.

What about finding a mentor, a business coach or an expert to save you time in the process of developing your business? Great question! Chalene discusses how to evaluate the cost and time investment that one must consider when first starting out and funds are limited. She shares her own personal story of investing in training and coaching from Brendon Burchard and other experts like Brian Tracey! 

Your personal journey should start right here... in the world of podcasting. Many of the Word's top experts, coaches, mentors and business advisors have created podcasts to share their knowledge and expertise. Experts on business development like Chalene Johnson, Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Brendon Burchard, Michael Hyatt and Amy Porterfield. If you're looking for advice on money, you'll find Dave Ramsey, Mel Abraham, and others. Podcasts are the best place to start! 

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How do you attract potential clients to your business and how do you start converting them into paying customers? How do you use social media to effectively target local customers? Well, Chalene provides answers to both of these questions in the newly-revamped Build Your Tribe. Make sure you subscribe to get all of the new episodes!

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Creating high quality YouTube videos can take a lot of time and, as many people already know, simply having a great video isn't enough to create the community you're looking for. So, how do you organize your channel and create videos that will encourage people to click that "Subscribe" button? Chalene answers that quesiton and another listener question about creating systems to help scale any business.

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