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In this 2nd part of a two part episode, Pro Athlete turned social media marketer shares with Chalene Johnson the exact steps to conduct your own 7 figure Webinar. Lewis covers the promotion, social media marketing, the best platforms, the best software, costs, do’s and dont’s, what works and what feels slimy. Lewis share his formula for creating the perfect opportunity transition without having to sell and how to use webinars to grow your list. Lewis shares his best practices and how to get started growing your list with webinars even if you have no community, no list, and no real presence by learning to partner with others who do. This episode starts off with Lewis helping multilevel marketing, mlm, direct sales, and passive income marketers how to use Webinars to create a deeper connection and save you time, money and headaches.

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The magic of a live on-line event. In this first of a two part episode, Pro Athlete turned social media marketer shares with Chalene Johnson how he transitioned from feeling as though he had lost his identity and ability to earn after a devastating career ending injury. Lewis shares how his past has helped him to connect, learn, grow his community, serve others and fulfill his own desire to live his life like a HEAD COACH of his own team. Founder of the School of Greatness Lewis Howes shares how to use Webinars to more effectively connect with your tribe, attract new customers, build trust and make a living doing what you love.

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How to quickly and effectively build a fast and targeted audience using valuable content and Instagram video to build your audience and connect with better customer leads. How Melissa McAllister developed her own unique style of 15 second videos to hyper build her target audience. Melissa shares her must follow tips if you want to build a following on Instagram to simplify your lead attraction with the cost of Facebook ads.

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Chalene Johnson interviews hugely successful multimillion dollar entrepreneur Michael Stelzner, Founder of the Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing on how he was able to create a tribe around a "movement". In an age where we are taught "you" are the brand and that we are supposed to share everything about ourselves so people can connect, Michael shares how he has very intentionally put the movement before himself and created something very special. Surprising, enlisting and tons of turns in this episode you won't expect!

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Learn how I take one video or photo and piece it out over 5 different platforms to generate content for weeks, minimize time spent online, maximize exposure and resisting the temptation to spend all day looking at my phone. How to create a smart social media framework using a system I call "salvaging" to populate and market to facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube, blogs and twitter. How to teach your kids to use social media to build a future business. I hope you enjoy this cross over episode for Build your Tribe and the Chalene Show

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